Best Dewalt Laser Level 2022

When it comes to construction and commercial works, no one wants to pay for anything less than perfect. So whether it is a small task like hanging a simple picture frame or a large-scale project, Dewalt Laser Level is something we can’t miss.

For a moment, let’s imagine that standard levels are good enough to cover small areas. But there is no contradiction in that these are far from the point of view of the great distances. And that’s when the level of the Laser, the basic technology of construction, begins to work. So instead, you want the best laser levels on the market to find the one that best suits your needs.

And that is why we have selected five of the best and least expensive laser measurements you will find on the market. Also, don’t forget to go through our conclusion to help you understand the Best Dewalt Laser Level while purchasing. So let’s go into business, right?

Best Dewalt Laser Level

Best Dewalt Laser Levels in 2022 Reviews & Comparison Table:

Our Rating
2.3 pounds
3 year
4.29 pounds
3 year
4 pounds
3 year
2.87 pounds
3 year
3.6 pounds
0 year

1. DEWALT (DW088K) Line Laser, Self-Leveling, Cross Line (Top pick):DEWALT DW088K Laser level

You can improve productivity and consistency in the workplace with the DEWALT DW088K self-leveling cross-line laser. This laser level is suitable for professionals who work in residential and commercial areas such as tile and wall flooring or wall construction.


  • Bright laser beam.
  • Full-time Pulse Mode.
  • Over-Molded Housing.
  • Resistance.

DEWALT (DW088K) Line Laser, Self-Leveling, Cross Line Review:

The DW088K features a sturdy design with extremely molded housing and IP54 waterproof/debris resistance. Its built-in magnetic pivoting base and 1/4-inch cable make it easy to install in metal environments. The Laser inserts individual buttons into the side control panel that work with all three beams and comes with a box made of a solid side for storage and transmission.

Long-range with Detector:

Laser projects cross horizontal and straight lines with accuracy within 1/8th of an inch at 30 feet. You can use a laser detector and pulse mode to extend its projecting distance.

The full-time dynamic mode allows the use of the DW0892 laser detector, which is sold separately, extends the range of the entire DEWALT line and assembly lasers to 165 meters.

Self-Leveling Cross Lines:

DW088K projects cross the horizontal and straight lines for various layouts and layout applications. Cross-leveling is best for hanging objects, tiling, wall studding, and home decoration for Birthdays, Christmas, and other special events.

High Accuracy:

The DW088K is accurate within 1/8th of an inch at 30 feet. Its integrated magnetic base and 1/4-inch cable allow flow attachment to the steel and steel track.

  • Self-leveling.
  • Two-button operation.
  • A bright battery light.
  • It is bright and accurate.
  • The Laser may not be bright enough to be visible when used outdoor.

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2. DEWALT Line Laser, Self-Leveling, 3-Beam (DW089K) BlackDEWALT DW089K Self Leveling Laser

Dewalt DW089K represents a time-tested feature of its laser-splitting laser line, which we confirmed simultaneously. Our most popular recommendation on the list, DW089K, describes simplicity as much as possible. While it is one of the most effective professional tools we have come across in our search, friendliness makes this unit child’s play. So you finally get the best of both worlds under the right budget, which gives you control over all the different products on the market.


  • Three Beam Line Laser.
  • 2× brighter Diode.
  • Accuracy.
  • Easy Control.
  • Awesome Battery.

DEWALT Line Laser, Self-Leveling, 3-Beam (DW089K) Black Review:

Unlike most lasers on the market, the DW089K features a second measuring line that creates a 90-degree intersection line on the floor and ceiling. This third straight beam allows contractors to use the installation tool without needing a second laser, which saves time and allows users to produce as much as possible. In addition, in improved visibility, the beam in the DW089K is twice as bright as the beam on the previous DEWALT laser. Include individual buttons on the side control panel that works with all three beams and comes with a kit box with a hard side for storing and moving.

3 Beams to Aid in 90 Degree Layout:

The DW089K features a second measuring line that creates a 90-degree intersection line on the floor and ceiling. This third straight beam allows contractors to use the application tool without the need for a second laser.


The DW089K is accurate within 1/8 of an inch at 30 feet. In addition, its micro knob allows users to firmly rotate 90-degree alignment lines with a minimal increase without the need for a laser touch to strike a specific signal.

Bright Diode:

It has a 2× Brighter diode to increase visibility in bright job site conditions. In other words, you will not need more than one level with a laser if you use this one to complete the task.

  • Multi-level line laser feature.
  • High accuracy.
  • It’s very simple.
  • Impressive battery life.
  • The magnets are not strong enough.

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3. DEWALT Line Laser, Self Leveling, 360 Degree, and Vertical Line (DW0811):DW0811

A special feature of this model that greatly affected us was its controls. All three buttons have three different settings levels; 360 degrees (rotary), with Horizontal Plumb and Vertical Plumb – which is why they make it easy to use. Besides, all three settings are symmetrical.


  • Stimulated Functionality.
  • Vertical Adjust Base.
  • Full-Time Pulse Mode.
  • Durable Design.
  • Locking Pendulum.

DEWALT Line Laser, Self Leveling, 360 Degree, and Vertical Line (DW0811) Review:

DEWALT DW0811 Self-Leveling 360 Degree Line and Vertical Line Laser equate the performance of the rotary Laser with horizontal and horizontal line crossing projects. A limited 3-year warranty supports this laser level. You can read more about this laser level, and details are given below.


Dewalt DW0811 laser level is accurate to 5/32 inches at 100 ft. This laser level allows you to project a 100 feet long laser line that you can extend to 165 feet using pulse mode and a separate laser receiver.

The pulse mode monitors the power consumption of the device and makes the beam brighter and sharper. Unfortunately, this mode also affects its longevity.


This measuring device is highly durable with over-molded housing and IP54 rated design. In addition, this laser level is water, debris, and dust-proof.

DEWALT’s warranty:

This device comes with a 3-year limited warranty. You can claim the warranty if you found any defects in the laser level. The company will either repair this laser level or replace it with a new one. You can read the warranty guideline in its manual.

  • Over-molded housing and waterproof design.
  • Full-time pulse mode.
  • Straight-adjust foundation.
  • Easy to use.
  • Not good for long-distance use.

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4. DEWALT Line Laser, 3-Beam (DW083K):DW083K

What makes Dewalt DW083K even better? First, of course, its accuracy, ease of use, versatility, and durability. Dewalt DW083K possesses all of these features. And, unlike some of the cheapest laser standards out there, the dot size of this model won’t fade in the distance. That’s because it has a fixed laser beam, which stores the size of small dots over long distances. So to make progress with accuracy and visibility no matter how far away you are.


  • Highly accurate.
  • Magnetic pivoting
  • Focused Laser Beam.
  • Integrated Track Clearance.

DEWALT Line Laser, 3-Beam (DW083K) Review:

The DEWALT DW083K 3-Beam Laser indicator is an accurate unit of measurement at ±1/4 inch at 100 ft. Magnetic resonance imaging increases the strength of the metal, and the integrated tracking system enables users to set the track lower, faster, and more precisely. In addition, it has overcrowded housing that helps maintain balance under working conditions. And many other features, a few of them are given below.

Integrated track clearance:

Integrated track Clearance enables the user to quickly and accurately install high and high-quality tracks. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t exist in most of the advanced laser levels.

Over-molded housing:

Whether it is raining outside or cloudy season, Over-molded housing helps maintain the balance under all working conditions. It makes the laser level all-weather resistant and protects the interior against water, dust, and debris.

Focused laser beam:

A focused laser beam keeps the size of the dots smaller at a long distance with improved precision and visibility. I have seen several cheap laser levels that project laser dots whose size starts increasing with distance.

  • Self-rated accuracy.
  • The IP54 rating makes it damp and dust-free.
  • Smart pendulum system.
  • Focused laser beam.
  • It is a heavyweight device.

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5. DEWALT (DW088LG) 12V MAX Line Laser, Cross Line:Dewalt DW088LG Laser level

Last but not least laser level is Dewalt DW088LG laser level. Unlike the traditional red chrome lamp, this unit shoots a green laser that is most visible at a long distance. It does not include a three-line laser but offers a 2-line setting that is ideal for large-scale construction projects. And Dewalt seems to have put a lot of strain on the front while designing this model, as it saves the product from damage by water or debris while working on construction projects.


  • Self-Leveling.
  • 4X Brighter Beam.
  • Integrated Magnetic Bracket.
  • Over-molded Housing.
  • Rechargeable Battery.

DEWALT (DW088LG) 12V MAX Line Laser, Cross Line, Green Review:

The DEWALT DW088LG 12v Green Cross Line Laser is designed for extra operating time and easy operation with 12V rechargeable power battery batteries. This purchase includes Fungal Wind Case, Extended Installation Bracket, 12V Battery, Charger, Green Cross Line Laser, Target Card, and Upgrade Glasses.

Magnetic Bracket:

This laser level comes with a built-in magnetic bracket which you can use to mount this device. The integrated back magnets allow the flush attachment to the metal and steel track. You can also use a tripod (purchase separately) for best results.

12V Max System:

This laser level uses a 12V lithium-ion rechargeable battery for extended run-time. It has long battery life allowing you to work consistently. You will also get a recharger which you can use as a “direct input”.

Smart pendulum system:

Smart pendulum system tracks the out-of-level conditions and allows you to switch between self-leveling and manual leveling modes. It locks itself automatically when turned off. This feature helps to prevent damage to internal components of the laser level.

  • An element of self-aggrandizement.
  • High visibility.
  • IP65 protection technology.
  • Green laser.
  • The green laser beam technology makes the tool more expensive compared to the same red laser beam.

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1. How to use a laser level in Multi-Purposes?

There is no rocket science in using a laser level. It is as easy as purchasing it. Most of the laser levels are simple to use but some are complicated. This is a simple guide regarding using the laser level for indoor and outdoor jobs. Here we go!

2. How do use a laser level indoor?

  1. Set up the laser level by mounting it on the tripod or placing it on a flat surface.
  2. Turn the laser level on and set it up manually or switch to the self-leveling mode.
  3. Project the laser level on the wall or any other medium.
  4. Once your laser level finds the level, start working.

3. How to use a laser level outdoor?

  1. Out protection glasses or goggles on your eyes.
  2. Mount the laser level on a tripod or use any other tool.
  3. Aim the laser level towards the point you want to take the reading.
  4. Now set up the laser receiver on a rod and place the rod on the target.
  5. Keep the receiver moving until it catches the beam. And then secure it there.
  6. Now start working.

You can purchase the Dewalt laser level for your specific working requirements. Not all laser levels work the same way.


We understand that purchasing unpopular electronic devices such as laser levels can be stressful, because of their quality of products and the lack of consumer information.

On that note, we hope this article will be helpful to you. It is difficult to say which one of them is the Best but in my opinion DEWALT (DW088K) Line Laser, Self-Leveling, Cross Line is the Best Dewalt Laser Level.

If you have any queries or want experts’ suggestions, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you.

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