Best Milwaukee Laser Level 2022

Laser levels have been one of the most sought-after new products in Milwaukee for a long time. Being late in the market, they knew that they had to get up high, so they needed a way to differentiate and do new things in space. That’s why they focused on improving the efficiency of the planning and implementation of applications. Their goal was to eliminate the pain performance points by focusing on paid solutions that suppress the day-to-day operation and visibility of the Milwaukee laser level.

Best Milwaukee Laser Level

Over the past few years, Milwaukee has built a reputation for building great construction tools. They have a wide range of products with a great variety of functionality, making them perfect for all types of projects, whether small or large such as building a backyard shed or constructing a whole building. To minimize your research, I am going to list the best Milwaukee laser levels below.

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Best Milwaukee Laser Level in 2022 Reviews & Comparison Table:

1. Milwaukee 2-Line Red-lithium Laser Level Kit:

The first and foremost is Milwaukee 2-Line Red-lithium Laser Level Kit, which offers a full-day operating time and brilliant visibility in its class. You will get 15+ hours of continuous run-time when paired with an “M12 Red-lithium 4.0 XC” battery for full production. In addition, the high-intensity green Laser provides high visibility for long-distance applications.


  • Micro Control – Pivots on Point.
  • Long Working Range.
  • Manual and Self-Leveling.
  • IP54 Rated: Water and Dust Resistant.
  • 1m Impact Resistance.

Milwaukee 2-Line Red-lithium Laser Level Kit Review:

This laser level comes with a 360-degree layout that includes horizontal and vertical lines for quick and easy alignment, balancing, lending, and transmission, allowing you to easily arrange large space with a single tool. The integrated bracket puts micro-control and pivots in place for easy and quick synchronization lead. Extraordinarily magnified magnets provide protection and will not slip on steel stations, while the combined hang-hole makes setting easy and effective in any environment.

All Day Run-Time:

This laser level offers a run-time of more than 15 hours. This working time allows you to work all day without any problem of low charging. It uses a rechargeable M12 battery.

Bright green Laser:

It has bright green laser beams that are bright and visible enough to be seen in daylight. It enables you to work efficiently on the outside and large-scale projects. You can project the laser beams at a distance of 100 feet and use a laser detector to boost its range to 165 feet if required.


Apart from that, you will get a three-year limited warranty and a three-year battery warranty as well. You can use the Milwaukee laser level without any tension. You can read its warranty guideline in the manual.

  • Easy To Use.

  • Ergonomic Design.

  • Battery Longevity.

  • Effective Range.

  • No charging Ports.

2. Milwaukee 4933416240 C 12 Battery-Point Laser Level:

The Milwaukee 4933416240 C Laser Level can be operated by a Red-lithium USB, which brings a long operating time and unmatched appearance. In addition, high-power laser beams allow the appearance of green lines for a quick and accurate reading, measurement, and alignment.


  • 8+ Hour Run-time – Removable, Rechargeable Battery.
  • High-Intensity Green.
  • Fast Alignment Micro Control.
  • Locking Pendulum.
  • IP54 Rating.

4933416240 C 12 Battery-Point Laser Level Review:

The integrated magnet bracket contains small controls that provide quick setup and alignment over long distances. The unusual magnified earth magnets provide a strong grip on metal and steel surfaces, while the screw attached to the nail holes makes the setting easy and effective for any location.

You can recharge the Red-lithium USB battery via Micro USB or replace it with additional Red-lithium USB batteries with almost no downtime. Apart from this, you will also receive a limited warranty for this Milwaukee laser level.

Intense Bright Lines:

It is a bright-line laser level and projects highly visible green lines at a large distance. These lines are visible at 100 feet if projected without a Laser Receiver.

One-Button Operation:

The horizontal line, Vertical Line, and Cross Line-Modes are the approaches that correspond to any work situation. You can project the horizontal and vertical lines separately or combine them through an easy single-button operation.

Accomplish More:

Most green laser levels have a low battery-timing issue as they consume high energy than traditional red laser levels. This laser level comes with a Red-lithium USB 3 Ah battery which enhances the product by providing eight hours of operating time.

  • Fast Versatile Setup.

  • Impact Rated.

  • Uncompromised Visibility.

  • Effective Range.

  • No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Compatibility.

3. Milwaukee 2320-21 M12 12-Volt 2-Beam Plumb Laser Kit (Top pick):

Milwaukee USB Rechargeable Green 3 Point Laser is one of the most efficient, consistent, suggested laser levels. It is also the best Milwaukee laser level on my list. However, there is a lot more to tell about this laser level. You can read our honest review below if you want to read more about this laser level.


  • Rechargeable Red-lithium USB Battery with (3 ft.) Micro-USB Port.
  • 1-Year Tool Warranty.
  • Low battery indication.
  • Long working distance.
  • Comparatively high accurate.

Milwaukee 2320-21 M12 12-Volt 2-Beam Plumb Laser Kit Review:

The Integrated Adjustable Clearance Bracket enables this laser level to be easily aligned over a metal track. In addition, the mounting device provides a strong grip on metal surfaces. You can also use this laser level with any other mounting tool due to its ¼-20 inch thread.

Extended Use:

Red-lithium USB 3 Ah removable battery provides a long working life that lasts all day long. Red-lithium USB batteries can be charged inside the Laser with Micro USB or replaced with Red-lithium USB batteries added for approximate downtime. It also includes a 3-feet long USB cable.

Amplified Rare Earth Magnets:

It comes with the Earth Magnetic Amplified Bracket allowing you to fit the laser metal tracks. This magnetic bracket strongly holds the laser level with the surface.

High-Intensity Laser Beams:

This laser level offers highly visible and accurate green dots with a long range of 150 feet. You can use this laser level for both indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Removable & Rechargeable Battery.

  • Integrated Adjustable Clearance.

  • High-Intensity Green Beam.

  • 3x Faster Charge Time (30 min).

  • 100 feet Working Range.

  • Can’t Shut down Automatically.

4. Milwaukee Tool C12BL2-0 Laser Level- 12V- No Battery Support – Pack of 1:

Here comes another giant by Milwaukee. This high-quality laser level is designed for quick and easy setup. It carbon copy of another laser level (no 2) in our list. It is a highly compatible, versatile, and durable laser level. It has screw holes that allow for suspension in wooden structures, while the triple is compatible with 1/4-20 inch or 5/ 8-11 inch threads.


  • Includes Limited Edition GB Key-ring.
  • 100 ft. Working Range.
  • Bright Laser Optimized for Distance.
  • High Precision.

Milwaukee Tool C12BL2-0 Laser Level- 12V- No Battery Support Review:

The integrated magnetic base allows the users to attach the device directly to metal stickers or click on 360-degree brackets or laser track accessories (sold separately) for various purposes. The measurement feature ensures accuracy within 1/8 inch at 33 feet, and a small dial helps the users achieve a direct point alignment by pointing the plumb point. This Milwaukee laser is designed to survive drops up to 3 meters, and the IP54 is limited to protection from dust and beverages.

All Day Run-time:

This Milwaukee laser level works an M12 Red-lithium CP3.0 battery. This battery is compatible to operate the laser level for 15 hours (the battery and charger are sold separately.)

Available Modes:

The three-line modes are suitable for any work area. Depending on the work requirements, you can switch between the Horizontal Line, Vertical Line, and Plumb Points, and Cross Line and Plumb Points.

Bright Green Lines:

This laser level projects transparent optical lines of up to 100 feet long. This laser level has a measuring accuracy of ⅛” at 33 feet. To boost the precision and range, you can use a Milwaukee laser receiver (sold separately).

  • New dialing small adjustment positions.

  • High accuracy rate.

  • Plumb bob.

  • Does not have any carrying case.

  • M12 Battery and charger are not included in the original purchase.

Laser level maintenance Tips:

Like other devices, the laser level also needs maintenance and proper care for its long life. This device looks tiny and consists of many smaller units inside it. So, even a tiny defect due to careless handling can cost you a lot. Here are a few easy tips for maintaining your device as new as it was.

  1. Do not shake, drop, or knock down the laser level.
  2. If it is a professional laser level, only a skilled person should operate it.
  3. Never disassemble it.
  4. If you are using it on a construction site, do not set it up much closer to the concrete pour (even if the device is over-molded).
  5. Do not store in many hot or cold areas or near an object which emits heat.
  6. Keep checking the battery regularly to avoid

So, these were our tips. I hope you will take care of your Milwaukee laser level. Have a great day!


Milwaukee line laser levels have the precision and visibility we need and help speed up the setup process. In addition, we love that every model has a lithium-ion-enabled operating time to do it all day for 8 hours minimum. All in all, there is a real innovation to be excited about, and we expect Milwaukee to make a huge impact in the laser market.

But as you can see, each one in our list serves a different purpose with its distinctive features. In my opinion, Milwaukee 2320-21 M12 12-Volt 2-Beam Plumb Laser Kit is the best among all other models of Milwaukee Laser Levels.

Whichever model you choose, there is one thing you can be sure of – they are the best in class in the laser market. If you have any further queries, feel free to contact us.

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