Best Laser Levels For Plumbing & Plumbers 2022

Okay, so you’re a plumber. You work with your hands all day and you’re looking for a way to make your life a little easier. You’ve heard about laser levels and how great they are for leveling things out, but you don’t know which one to buy.

Well, never fear! This blog post is here to help you find the best laser level for plumbing. We’ll talk about what to look for at a laser level and then we’ll recommend some of our favorites. So read on, learn something new, and become a better plumber today!

So the question is that what factors are required before buying the best plumbing laser level? Mean to say what points should be considered must before purchasing the laser levelIn this article, we discuss all those points that proved helpful for plumbers before buying the laser levels for their work & review the top 5 laser levels.

Best Laser Level For Plumbers and Pipe Fitting

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 1  Klein Tools 93LCLS Laser Level:

First and foremost is the Klein Tools 93LCLS laser level. It projects horizontal, vertical, and cross lines. You can project these lines separately for various alignments. In addition, it comes with a vertical plumb spot to locate above/overhead locations.

It is waterproof, dustproof, and IP54 rated laser level, which You can use in muddy and dusty environments, whether it is raining outside or in stormy weather. In addition, this laser level with a damage-proof feature can easily withstand a 3-feet drop.

Klein Tools 93LCLS projects a 65 feet long laser level while working indoors. However, the laser beam gets blurred after 10 feet in sunlight.

It is the best laser level as You can use four different mounting instruments for different works, including pipe installment, fitting valves, sewerage system, and other plumbing works. A built-in magnetic mount is used to stick it with metals.

For ceiling work, the versatile ceiling clip is also there. You can use this laser level with tripods of ¼” and 5/8″ thread. It has various other features. A few of them are given below.

 Klein Tools 93LCLS Features: 

  • You can use it in different projects, including installing water pipes, fitting valves, fixing sewerage systems, and much more.
  • It is a self-leveling, cross-leveling, and multipurpose laser level. You can use a laser beam in three different line modes. You can use it for cross, horizontal, and vertical alignments.
  • It is dust, water, and damage-proof laser level and is over-molded with an IP54 rating. The 3.4-feet drop test is enough to describe its rigidity.
  • You can mount Klein Tools 93LCLS laser level using integrated magnetic mount, versatile ceiling clamp, ¼ inch, and 5/8 inch thread tripod.
  • Vertical plumb spot.
  • Water and dustproof.
  • Multiple mounting options.
  • An IP54 rating and over-molded housing.
  • Not much visible in sunlight.
  • It may harm your eyes.

 2  Bosch GPL 2 Laser Level:BOSCH 3-Point Laser Alignment with Self-Leveling GPL 3

Bosch GPL 2 with two-point plumb projects points towards the ceiling with a high accuracy level. This up to down projection has an accuracy rate of ±1/8″ at 30 ft. The plum point has a range of 30 feet (up) and 15 feet (down).

Its smart pendulum system offers auto self-leveling, which is true for all positions within 5 degrees. It has also indicated “Out of level” conditions for precise leveling. In addition, this laser level is transportation-friendly as it automatically locks itself when turned off.

A multipurpose attachment is used to attach the laser level to different surfaces. Apart from this, a ¼ “-20 thread allows you to mount it onto any mounting instrument with this thread. Its over-molded housing makes it a long-surviving product. It has many other features. We have listed a few of them below.

 Bosch GPL 2 Features: 

  • Two-point plumb is used for up to down projection. This projection has a high accuracy of up to ±1/8 inch at 30 ft.
  • It is equipped with a smart pendulum system. It levels itself automatically and indicates out-of-level conditions. If the laser level is powered off mistakenly, the pendulum locks itself for secure transportation.
  • A carrying case makes a carriage safe and easier. It keeps all the tools without causing a collision. This carrying bag is handy, compact, and normal-sized. You can carry it out anywhere.
  • For different plumbing works, you will be required to attach laser levels to different objects and surfaces. A multipurpose attachment is used for this purpose.
  • Bosch GPL 2 is the best laser level for interior works due to its cheap rate, normal range, and red beam. You can use it in decoration, DIY projects, plumbing, and other alignments.
  • Two-point plumb.
  • Smart pendulum system.
  • Transportation-friendly.
  • Multiple mounting options.
  • Affordable price.
  • A bit difficult to use.
  • Short working range.

 3  DEWALT DW085K Laser Level:DEWALT Laser Pointer, 5-Beam (DW085K)

Dewalt DW085K is accurate up to 1/4th an inch at 100 ft. It is a five-beam laser level suitable for construction and renovation projects. It automatically levels itself within a few seconds while in self-leveling mode. In addition, there is a “micro-adjustment knob,” which is used to adjust the laser level for accurate alignments.

This knob ensures precision and perfection. In addition, the Dewalt DW085K laser level is equipped with an Integrated Track Clearance used for track installations.

Its over-molded housing makes the body hard to break and useable for a long time. An “integrated magnetic pivoting bracket” mounts the laser level on metal surfaces. This magnetic bracket is strong enough to be attached to steel and partial metal surfaces. There are several other things to discuss Dewalt DW085K. We have listed its main features below.

 Dewalt DW085K Features: 

  • An accuracy rate of up to ±1/4″ at 100 feet makes it one of the most accurate laser levels on our list. This means it has an expected error of only 0.25 inches while targeting 100 feet object.
  • It has a smart pendulum system that offers self-leveling and also indicates out-of-level conditions. The self-leveling takes only a few seconds and saves time.
  • A micro-adjusting knob is used to adjust this laser level for different alignments, especially while targeting distant objects.
  • An integrated mounting pivot bracket is also there, which could mount the laser level onto metal objects.
  • Micro-adjust knob.
  • Integrated track clearance.
  • High accuracy level.
  • Over-molded housing.
  • Expensive.
  • Limited to indoor use only.

 4  Pacific PLS-60523 Laser Level:New PLS3 3-point Red Beam Laser Level PLS-60523N by Pacific Laser Systems

We are looking for a cheap and accurate laser level that could work up to 30 hours continuously? If yes, then Pacific PLS-60523 is made for you. It is the cheapest laser level on our list, projecting the laser line with a long visible range of up to 100 feet (30m). In addition, this laser level is accurate up to ±1/4 at 100 ft.

It is a self-leveling laser level that works correctly when placed at ±6 degrees to the targeted spot. A wall bracket is used to mount this laser level on the wall and other surfaces.

Pacific PLS-60523 laser level is equipped with three AA alkaline batteries. These alkaline batteries provide more than 30 hours of continuous operating time. This feature makes the lase level suitable for long-term projects.

Due to its small and compact size can easily fit into any pocket and make the carriage easier. Pacific PLS-60523 laser level’s main features are discussed below.

 Pacific PLS-60523 Features: 

  • Pacific PLS-60523 comes with long battery life. If you are working at a project site, you don’t need to worry about its battery. Three alkaline AA batteries are responsible for providing a continuous and extended time of 30+ hours.
  • You can project a 100 feet long laser line using this laser level. It has an accuracy rate of ±1/4″. Although it is a red beam laser level and won’t be visible in sunlight still it could be used outdoor for small projects.
  • It offers self-leveling with a range of 6 degrees. You can’t target the positions after 6 degrees in self-leveling mode.
  • Most plumbing work requires you to mount the laser level on the wall, which is quite impossible with a magnetic bracket. You can use the “Wall Attachment” to mount it easily onto the wall.
  • Cheap.
  • Long-range and high accuracy.
  • Long battery life.
  • Only a single mounting option.
  • Bad choice for outdoor projects.

 5  Pacific PLS 6R Laser Level:PLS 6R Combo Point & Line Red Laser Kit

Here comes another product from the Pacific brand. It is a point and lines laser level used for plumb, level, and other alignments. Pacific PLS 6R comes releases a long-range beam of 100 feet. This laser level has an accuracy level of 1/8″ at 30 ft. It is waterproof, dustproof, and over-molded IP54 laser level.

It can withstand a 1-meter drop easily. That’s why this laser level is used for professional projects.

Pacific PLS 6R comes with a pendulum clock. This pendulum lock makes transportation easy by locking itself when switched off. A magnetic L bracket is used to mount it on metal surfaces. The magnet is powerful enough to be attached to steel surfaces.

Three AA batteries are used to extend its work-time up to 8 hours. The main features of the Pacific PLS 6R laser level are given below.

 Pacific PLS 6R Features: 

  • It is used in different plumbing works. It is a professional laser level and is used in large-scale projects.
  • It can project a 100 feet long laser beam accurately. It is a red beam laser level and can only be used in indoor projects. However, you can use it with a laser detector in outdoor projects.
  • Rainy, dusty, and stormy weather won’t disturb you as this laser level is resistant to dust, water, and debris. Due to the damage-proof design, it won’t be affected if flew down to the ground.
  • Eight hours of continuous uptime allows you to work continuously. You won’t be required to change batteries more often.
  • Long-range.
  • An IP54 rating.
  • 1-meter drop test.
  • Pendulum lock.
  • Expensive.

How to choose the Great Laser Level for Plumbers

As it is not challenging to purchase laser level, but for plumbers, the scene is different. Plumbers’ work is individual, so they pay more attention before buying the laser level for their work.

1. Accuracy:

In plumbing, the accuracy of the laser level is very important. If the laser beam is not clear enough or too scattered, it may be a reason to fail in some actions perfectly done.

2. Battery life:

The life of the battery is an important issue. Plumber always gives attention to time and money, so they like tools that can save their time and energy. So it is better to purchase the laser level which takes less time in charging and whose battery can work for a long time.

3. Waterproof:

For plumbers, it is necessary to have a waterproof laser level. Because there are many places where they must work underwater. So the waterproof level is a must for plumbers.

4. Damage proof::

For plumbers, it is necessary to have damage proof level. Because there are many places where the plumber must work under the roof and other high places, the damage level is a must.

5. Indoor and outdoor usage:

It is necessary for the laser level to have both indoor and outdoor usage. Because some of them use it in bathrooms or other rooms where light intensity is low, whereas some of them work under sunlight. So an indoor or outdoor usage level is a must for plumbers.

6. Auto and manual laser:

Some of them use an auto laser because it can focus itself and its work is easy. While some others want to use manual lasers because they have more control over them. So, the level which has both modes is good for plumbers.

Also, there are some more things that are important for a plumber to choose the best laser level.

The above factors are enough for plumbers to choose the best laser level. So, they can work quickly and accurately with their desired level.


Q. What is the best plumb laser?

Ans: Great question! All of us at The Plumbing Network are passionate about helping plumbers find the best accessories for doing plumbing work. Here are some top choices, all sourced from

  • DEWALT DW085K Laser Level
  • Klein Tools 93LCLS Laser Level
  • Pacific PLS 6R Laser Level

Q. Can a laser level check for plumb?

Ans: Yes, a laser level can check for plumb. The easiest way to do this is to use the wall mount and enunciate each corner of the room with a line or dot. If all four corners are exactly where they need to be, then your job was properly executed according to its current standard of plumb.

Q. Which is better red or green laser level?

Ans: In plumbing, a green laser level can be more useful since the water will help reflect the beam and make it easier to see. In other applications such as construction or wall hanging, a red laser might work better because the longer wavelength doesn’t get scattered as much by dust particles in the air, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Q. What are the different types of laser levels?

Ans: There are three main types of laser levels. First is the rotary laser level, which spins 360 degrees and projects a beam parallel to itself in all directions. These can also be upgraded with wheels for indoor use, making measurements faster and easier. Second is the transit level, where both ends are fixed in place while the middle slides up or down, like a periscope or seesaw, projecting a horizontal line either horizontally or vertically. Finally, the self-leveling rotary laser level lets you rotate both ends to project a line in any direction.

 Wrapping up: 

I hope this article will help you a lot in finding the best laser level for plumbing work. You can select any of them depending on your project. For batter results, you should choose between Klein Tools 93LCLS or Pacific PLS-60523 laser levels. Both laser levels are best at their works and are the first choices of many experts.

The laser level is utilized in various fields, so the selection of laser according to the field is a little difficult for most people. So by reading this article, you will know the essential facts about laser level before purchasing.

If you have any questions regarding these laser levels or want to know a bit more about them, feel free to contact us.

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