Green vs Red Laser Level – Which One is Best in 2022

Here I am going to differentiate between a green laser level and a red one. The difference is in the color of light they produce, which will affect what kind you should use for certain projects or jobs list with more detail below:

Green – Use this when working outdoors as it’s easier on your eyes than other colors; can cut through some materials that wouldn’t reflect enough others including white paint & plasticuffs (but sometimes these might create ghost lines). On top of its versatility because there are numerous Green lasers out there too so no matter how big or small the project at hand is there’s a green laser for it.

Red – The most common type of laser level and is good for indoor use; can be seen in better detail than a green laser. However, it doesn’t work as well outside because red light is very easily scattered by dust and other particles in the air.

Green vs Red Laser Level

Working type of Laser Level:

Depending on the working of both laser levels, the following works can be done by them.

You can use a green laser level for the following types of works.

Green Laser Levels Use For:
  • Grading.
  • Drainage.
  • Round constructions.
  • Ceilings.
  • Plumbing.
  • And other construction-related works.

While red laser level can be used for the following types of works.

Red Laser Level Use For:
  • Hanging pictures.
  • Aligning kitchen cabinets and their installation.
  • Observing masonry.
  • And other indoor projects.


The green beam laser level ranges to 45 to 60 feet (for indoor work), while the red laser level ranges from 20 to 30 feet. It is used for outdoor and large-scale projects, as its range is two times more than a red laser level. At the same time, you can only use a red laser level for indoor works.


A green laser is more than 20 to 25% expensive than a red laser level. You can buy both red laser level and laser receiver instead of green laser level only because the combined cost of a red laser level and laser receiver is still less than green.

Not only this, but we should also include battery cost in this. As you have to change batteries more often. The batteries used in the green laser level are not rechargeable.

Battery usage:

Due to higher power consumption, the green laser level requires more battery power and ends up more quickly. That’s why the green beam laser level is powerful enough to harm your eyes. Therefore, before using the green laser level, you should be ready to change batteries more often. Therefore, I recommend you to use a ‘lithium battery’ with a green laser level as a lithium battery can survive more than any other and has good battery timing.


A green laser level is brighter than a red laser level. The brightness of green light may also depend on battery power, as a laser level emits bright light when it is connected to a new battery. A red laser level is less bright and can’t be observed in the daytime. That’s why it is either used for indoor projects or late-night works.

Light frequency:

Red laser level has a low light frequency. That’s why its visibility is also low (sometimes invisible). Green laser levels belong to class 3A or 3R, having a wattage of 5mW. At the same time, the red laser level has class 2 operating below 1mW. A laser level with class 3A or 3R is harmful to human eyes. It may cause eye weakness, short-sightedness, and blindness.


A green laser level is four times more visible as compared to the red laser level. We can observe a light peak at about 555 nm. It emits light at a frequency of 530 nm, which is closer to 555 nm than the red laser level (635 nm).

Visibility also depends on the type of surface. If a surface is a poor reflector, a beam of light won’t be visible there. Being more visible, the green laser level is a perfect choice for outdoor projects. However, the red laser level is mostly used in indoor works like hanging pictures on walls and ground leveling.


A red laser level is easily accessible as it is cheap and can be used for small projects. On the other hand, the green beam laser level is difficult to find and is used for large-scale projects.

Just like the green laser levels, its helping materials are not easily available in the market. But don’t worry, you can order it online. The pros and cons of green laser level and red laser level are listed below.

Green Laser Levels:

  • Is Brighter and more visible.
  • Having long range.
  • Better for all type of construction works (Indoor and outdoor).
  • It is Expensive.
  • More battery usage.
  • Powerful enough to harm your eyes.
  • Difficult to find in market.

Red Laser Level:

  • It is Cheap.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Lower power consumption.
  • Has Short range.
  • Low visibility.


In short, the red laser level is a good choice for indoor, small scale and late-night projects. It is cheap and doesn’t use much battery power. And green laser level is a perfect choice for all types of construction and surveying works. It depends on your budget. If you can afford a green laser level and battery power, then go ahead.

You can use a green beam laser level for indoor as well as outdoor projects. A red laser level is also a good choice for construction works (especially indoor works). You can also use the red laser level for outdoor but small-scale projects.

I hope this article has clarified the difference between Green vs. Red Laser Level. I recommend you to buy a green laser level (if affordable for you). If you have any queries, feel free to contact us. We are here to satisfy you.

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