What is a Laser Level & Types of Laser Level Guide [2022]

What is a laser level?

A laser level is an innovative tool that projects a laser beam onto a wall or other surfaces. The laser beam projection helps in leveling, plumbing, and aligning. In addition, this laser beam shows whether a surface is a level and helps to align different objects.

laser level is needed while studding a wall, leveling a ground, fencing the border, graining, and other construction projects. However, it is not limited to construction only. It is widely used in writing, painting, calligraphy, decoration, and DIY.

Many people used a laser level to mark football, soccer, hockey, and other sports.

Laser levels are different from each other as their features vary from one to another. For example, a red line laser level is used indoor, while You can also use a green line laser level outdoor. In addition, some laser levels come with a self-leveling technology, while others don’t.

Even their mounting tools, battery, and purpose to use differ. This difference is due to their purpose to use. For example, a laser level for ceiling has features different from the one used to level ground.

What is a Laser Level & Types of Laser Level Guide

Newer laser levels are multi-purpose and hence equipped with a lot of features. Depending on this difference, we have categorized the laser levels into four different types.

Types of a laser level:

There are different types of laser levels. There could be hundreds of types if we categorize them according to their workings. For example, a laser level for tiling might be useless for fencing the border and vice versa. The types of laser levels are explained below.

Cross-line Lasers Level:

Cross-line laser levels project vertical and horizontal lines intersecting each other and making the cross. This cross helps in various alignments like hanging pictures and tilling walls. These lasers are versatile due to their capability of projecting horizontal and vertical lines separately and simultaneously. The cross-line laser is mostly used indoor.

You will require a laser detector while working outdoors because most cross-line laser levels equip red light technology that fades in sunlight.

The cross line feature of the laser level helps in hanging pictures, kitchen cabinets, shelves, tiles, and other alignments. You can take alignments at different angles using the manual leveling feature. The 90 degrees angle between vertical and horizontal lines helps the squaring layouts be done precisely.

Point Generator Lasers Level:

The point generator is a simple laser level that emits laser light to indicate the level. This laser level works as a spirit level but is more advanced and accurate than the spirit/bubble level. This laser level projects a dot indicating the level; that’s why it is called a point generator. However, the dot can be replaced with a line using a small instrument that mostly comes with the original purchase.

You may require a laser level for outdoor and distant projects. A point generator laser level is used in small tasks. For example, when you are putting the nail into the wall using a hammer, both of these works seem easy, but they aren’t. Putting the nail into the wall is a difficult task and could harm you. This type of laser level is cheap and affordable.

Dot Lasers Level:

This type of laser level projects only a dot laser. It usually comes with a plumb up and a plumb down. These lasers are mostly used indoors to line up the pictures, electrical lights, kitchen cabinets placement, etc. Most laser levels of this category are affordable and have a short range. However, if you will use a dot laser level outside, you may require a laser detector.

Even with a laser detector, you won’t be able to work on a large scale. Therefore, it is recommended to take the expert’s suggestion before buying this laser level.

A dot laser level is widely used in footing, concrete form alignment, wiring, piping, etc. It is an ideal choice for plumbing. You can use a dot laser level in plumbing works, including electrical wiring, piping, and much more.

Rotary Lasers Level:

Rotary lasers equip the latest and advance technology. These lasers project 360 degree long lines that cover the entire project site. The diode spins quickly to project 360-degree laser lines. These lasers are used for large-scale and commercial projects. These lasers come with horizontal lines only. But newer models can project the horizontal as well as vertical lines. Rotary lasers are used outdoor along with a laser detector.

This advanced and professional laser level is recommended for high-profile projects when you search for a laser level with precision, accuracy, perfection, and efficiency. Being more efficient, they are expensive and might be expensive enough to not purchasable. However, You can never deny its mind-blowing precision.


After reading this article, you should be clear about the type to which your expected laser level belongs. Now a day, companies are launching multi-purpose laser levels. These multi-purpose laser levels can perform almost all types of tasks mentioned above. Your main focus should be the quality of the laser level while purchasing it. If you buy a laser level for small household tasks, then go for dot laser level as it is affordable and best for small jobs.

If you are interested in buying a laser level for home decoration and DIY projects, then the cross-line laser level is best for you as it can do all alignments accurately. On the other hand, the rotary laser level is best for commercial projects. You should try this laser level if you want efficient work. You can find details for the best laser levels of the above types from this site. If you still have any questions about this, feel free to ask.

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