How To Cheat At Laser Tag – Complete Guide 2022

Laser tag is a fun-filled activity that you and the whole family can engage in. this recreational and action-filled indoor shooting sport allows you to utilize guns that emit infrared lights. The infrared-sensitive vests or jackets aid it that players are wearing.

It works when hits or shots are registered each time an opponent can get a shot at your vest with their gun! The same applies to you, and the objective is clear! Don’t get shot! It is quite similar to paintball, but you can play in a closed and controlled environment.

If you and your friends love getting a little competitive while you play laser tag, then you might have to find ways to rise above the rest! Whether you play solo or in teams, sometimes it is better to find loopholes and ways to enhance your playing experience!

How To Cheat At Laser Tag

Today’s article will jot down the top methods on how to cheat at laser tag! However, you don’t need to worry because we wouldn’t exactly call all these methods cheating! They are mostly clever ways to increase your chances of winning!

So, without further ado, let’s dig into them!

How To Cheat At Laser Tag – Step by Step Guide:

1. Make sure you get new guns:

Yes, yes! We’re starting with the basic information first! You might be thinking this is of no consequence; however, you will be surprised to know just how big a difference it can make! Chances are if you frequent the same laser tag bar you have a favorite gun that you pick each time.

It makes sense! As humans, we like to reach out for what’s most familiar to us. However, we recommend you do the exact opposite! Always pick the newest gun in the batch. Older guns might start losing their infrared capabilities, which can hinder you and your gameplay.

The newer the gun, the stronger the laser will be. You will also be able to hit them with absolute precision and bullet-like accuracy.

2. Keep your finger on the trigger:Cheat At Laser Tag

Again, this might seem super basic but believe us, and it’s not! If you keep your finger on the trigger at all times, your chances of hitting a target increase significantly. It is because if you’re pressing the target, you can act fast if an opponent comes out of nowhere!

In laser tag, as with all other shooting games, the most important aspect is speed. Then comes precision and accuracy! So, if you want to rise above the competition, you need to shoot within a moment’s notice! If you don’t, it might become the difference between you winning or losing.

3. Make sure you keep moving:

If you are worried about losing because you repeatedly get hit, then you certainly need this piece of advice. But, first, do not ever stop moving during the game! Yes, you might want to opt for stealth, but you have to remember that laser tag arenas are usually only about 120 square feet!

It implies fewer places to hide and certainly more chances that you will evade getting hit if you keep moving. So we suggest that you become an unhittable target! The cleverest way to manage that is to keep moving but in an erratic or zig-zag manner! Your enemy shouldn’t be able to predict your next move. Or this will be of no use!

4. Only wear black:

This step on cheating at laser tag is a good option for all those who think stealth is the best choice. Do you want to stay hidden? Stop wearing bright colors to the arena! Sounds simple enough, right? Well, in reality, even the lightest of color will seem pretty visible when you are running around in the dark laser tag arena!

So, this is why you need to avoid any clothing or shoes that might be bright or even reflective as they can shine against guns and other reflective aspects such as glasses. Want to ensure the element of surprise completely? Only wear black!

5. Shoot from closer:

Now, this is another tactic that we stand by when playing laser tag. We all know that you can shoot someone from quite a distance! However, it cannot be said the same way about your precision. We can only manage that if you are shooting them from nearby!

If you want to increase your chances of shooting someone with ease, we recommend that you try to sneak up behind them! Other ways of getting closer to your opponent also include wearing all black, as we mentioned earlier!

6. Restart your vest:

It is certainly an extremely sneaky method! Yes, if you think you’re about to lose, you can opt for this as a last resort. If you want to delete the evidence of how many times you’ve been shot, you can restart it. So, you can do this if you are wearing a target vest. Take out the wire on it and then attach it back.

It will ensure that your kills or how many times you’ve been shot will be erased. Luckily, it doesn’t erase the number of kills you’ve made! So, this is because those will be stored on your opponent’s vest! Therefore, we only recommend this if you can do so unnoticed! Otherwise, you could get into a ton of trouble!

That is all from our end on how to cheat at laser tag! We certainly do not recommend that you resort to actual cheating because that’s not okay! However, if you want to tip the scales in your favor a little, this is a comprehensive guide on how to achieve that!

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We hope that the steps we have outlined for you today are enough to help you with this dilemma! With that, we leave you with these important tips and wish you the best in your next match!

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