7 Laser Tag Rules Beginners Guide 2022

Laser Tag is one of the greatest fun sports that you can play with your friends and family. The most amazing thing about this game is that it doesn’t have any age restrictions and, therefore, can be played by everyone.

To master any sport, you not only require special skills but must understand the rules and regulations of the game. Once you’ve understood these, plan for the strategies and implement them in the game. In this way, you will be to take your gameplay to professional levels.

But before we share the game rules with you, let’s first check what this game is all about.

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What is Laser Tag?

 Laser Tag Rules

Have you ever played paintball? Laser tag is a very similar game to it. Both are shooting games with two different teams; however, the only difference is that laser tag is a cleaner and safer game with no risks of getting hurt in any way.

It is a shooting game usually played at a laser arena designed specifically for laser tag gaming. There are indoors as well as outdoor areas. Two teams are made with an equal number of players, and each player is given a vest with sensors and a laser gun, called “phasers,” in the game. You can play it individually in 1vs1 mode as well as in a team-up mode.

The total time for which the game is played varies from arena to arena. The teams are given different objectives to complete before the time runs out while staying safe from the opponents.

The Laser Tag idea dates back to the 1970s when the military adopted it for training soldiers by providing them with a realistic combat environment and scenario.

The technology used in Laser Tag:

As the game’s name refers, the game includes the use of a laser. Are they worrying about the laser intensity of the guns? Well, it might be new to a lot of you that laser guns don’t emit laser; in fact, they emit infrared beams.

The foremost reason for using infrared rays is the safety of human eyes since lasers can cause damage to the eyes. Because you never know when the rays from your gun can hit other player’s eyes, it was extremely important to use a safer option.

Also, the infrared signal tracker present in every gun makes it easier to determine how well you played and what your targets were throughout the game.

With the integration of infrared beams instead of an actual laser, this game is approved to be played by even children.

7 Laser Tag Rules:

Laser tag rules are pretty easy but strict, and must be followed at any cost. The violation of rules would result in disqualification, so make sure that you memorize the rules and play accordingly for fair yet great gameplay.

So, without any further ado, let’s learn about the important rules set for the Laser Tag game.

1. No physical contact

Remember! You are not playing a football match, so; it shall make no physical contact at all. It is an exclusive non-contact sport, so even the slightest physical contact with your opponent is not allowed.

If the contact is intentional, the player would be expelled from the game immediately. If it is unintentional, players from both teams would be given one and a final warning.

However, if the players with a warning make contact again, they would have to walk out of the game.

2. The sensor must be activated:

At the start of the combat, the sensors are sometimes restarted so, ensure that you check your sensor as soon as the match starts and activate it immediately. Otherwise, if it is discovered during the game, you would, unfortunately, have to walk out of the match.

3. Sensors should be visible:

Since the laser hits on the sensors and makes the weapon disabled for a few seconds, if you try to hide your sensors so that the tagger doesn’t receive the tags, it is not only a poor tactic but a violation of rules as well.

Hiding your sensor is not only dishonorable but unpardonable as well; therefore, anyone caught doing so would have to leave the game.

If you see a blocked sensor of any player in the game, you must shout, “Sensor!”. If your opponent is not in a fight with another player must move a bit to show whether or not his sensor is visible.

4. The sensor should be audible:

Another way to show your poor sportsmanship is to mask your sensor’s sound. Make sure your sensor is uncovered and emits the loudest sound.

5. Show true sportsmanship:

Regardless of your expertise or type of gameplay, once you have got your laser tag equipment on, know that you have to play with honor. A Laser Tag Sportsman doesn’t know the words cheat, lie, or benefit from a damaged enemy, so play accordingly.

6. Play in a team:

“United we stand, divided we fall.” So, it is important to keep your team as the top priority. However, the game gets competitive individually, but if you are not playing to win as a team, you have failed already.

7. It is just a game:

Never forget that laser tag is a game designed for fun purposes, not aggressive or bash other players. No matter who you are playing with, make sure always to stay calm. Any player who gets exhausted, angry, or aggressive during the game is advised to walk out immediately.

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Final Verdict:

At first glance, you have a lot to learn and understand about Laser Tag Rules, but you learn the most of it after entering the lase arena. The laser tag game is one of the most widely played fun shooting games with extremely simple rules and tactics that one must learn before challenging their friends.

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